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Maniac Reads Acts of Gord – Chronicles: Chapter 39 June 7, 2021

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.
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Sit down children, it is time for Maniac to present to you another dramatic reading from The Acts of Gord. This story, written originally from its namesake website by a (not so) humble game store owner known as The Gord, tells of his stories of the utter stupidity he had to deal with over the years.

Today, Maniac reads out a two-part story of the time Gord decided to share the glory that is known as Cherry Coke with his fellow Canadians. Listen, and enjoy.

Apple Previews iOS 15 and next macOS June 7, 2021

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac owners are going to want to sit down for this. Apple has just revealed the new features coming in their next OS iterations for most of their hardware. That means new features and options for FaceTime, Messages, and tons of new security announcements. Welcome to WWDC 2021!

If you missed the stream, you can watch it below in its entirety. Most of this likely won’t get released until the Fall.