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Dragon Quest Day – Dragon Quest Retrospective June 29, 2021

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Hope you’ve all been enjoying Dragon Quest Day, where we are continuing to reveal and showcase some great independently produced videos about the beloved JRPG series. Now, we’re going to highlight another retrospective. The guys over at Nintendo World Report TV have produced some professional-quality retrospectives over the years and the retrospective they’ve produced about Dragon Quest is no different.

In this video, he talks about more than just what makes each game great, he actually included some of the history behind each game. For someone who completely missed out on the history of Dragon Quest as it was happening, this video filled in a lot of gaps. Give it a watch.

If you’d like to see more work from this channel, they did a cool video on the History of Metroid Dread. Sure it isn’t about Dragon Quest but it still is worth a watch.



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