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Dragon Quest Day – 16-Bit Gems Reviews June 29, 2021

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Welcome to Dragon Quest Day, where we are going to devote an entire day’s worth of site content to featuring and highlighting some of the best independently produced Dragon Quest content from across the web! I wanted to start this day with a video series that served as my introduction to the Dragon Quest franchise, the videos produced by Clan of the Grey Wolf.

Clan of the Grey Wolf (which we’ve highlighted in the past) produced what I believe to be the DEFINITIVE History of RPGs video as a prequel to their reviews of the Dragon Quest games. If you’re a casual fan of JRPGs or just RPGs in general you’ll want to watch this.

Now that you’ve seen their history video, let’s take a closer look at their reviews. First up I want to highlight a piece of Square Enix history I would have had no memory of without this video. The fact that a demo for Final Fantasy XII was included with the game Dragon Quest VIII, and most fans of the genre have argued it was the superior RPG. Enjoy.

Next up, here’s a look at their reviews of Dragon Quest I and II. These games were released on the original NES under the name Dragon Warrior, but I have to admit Japan’s box art and promotional material looks a lot better than what we got in the US.

Why did he review those last two games together? Watch this next part and find out. Now, here’s their review of Dragon Quest III.

Dragon Quest I, II and III are available on multiple platforms including the NES, iOS and Nintendo Switch. Dragon Quest VIII is also out on multiple platforms including PS2, 3DS and iOS.



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