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Pokemon Go Gucci x North Face Trainer Outfit Code January 11, 2021

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Occasionally, Pokémon Go offered free avatar customization options, either to tie into a promotion or as a thank you for keeping the game successful. Last week, for some reason that escapes logic, North Face thought it was a good idea to make Pokemon Go users seek out one of only 100 exclusive PokéStops in the entire world to obtain some exclusive avatar options.

This would (for nearly every human being on the planet) require travel, and likely over long distances. That is not a good idea right now. My guess is someone (thankfully) finally wised up because they’re now offering it as a download code. You can simply log into the Pokémon Go website here and enter the code below:


Pokémon Go is out now for Android and iOS smart devices.