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You Cannot Use PSVR on PS5 Without an Adapter November 10, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Just a heads up for people like me who love their PSVR and want to continue using it with the Playstation 5. The PlayStation 5, out of the box, can run PSVR software. However, the PS5’s new camera accessory is incompatible with the PSVR’s headset and cannot provide the required motion tracking the headset requires for full VR immersion.

So, if you’re an existing PSVR owner planning to replace their PS4 with a PS5, what do you do? First off, you need to keep your PlayStation 4 Camera, headset, and external box. Then, you must go to this website and order a PS5 camera adapter. The PS5 uses an entirely custom camera port which is different than the camera port used in the PS4, and this adapter is critical for PSVR support on the PS5.

You MUST have your PSVR’s serial number ready when you place the order.



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