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Gaming History You Should Know – History of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire November 1, 2020

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Welcome back, happy Sunday everyone! With Halloween now a distant memory we prepare to move into the winter holidays, which always hold a soft spot in the hearts of gamers. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of game consoles launch in this season, alongside a huge library of new games to take advantage of the new platform’s features.

Let me take you back to the mid-90s. The Star Wars prequels were still years away, but the original films had just re-released on VHS with THX remaster and a new generation of young people (myself among them) were watching them for the first time ever on their home televisions. At the same time George Lucas’s video game company, LucasArts, was in its heyday, producing some of the greatest PC games of all time including Dark Forces, X-Wing, and TIE Fighter.

In the mid-90s fans wanted to read more Star Wars stories, and books that were released as part of the Expanded Universe were selling very well. At the same time, Nintendo was planning to release the Nintendo 64, and Lucasarts was asked to have a brand-new game for the console ready for Christmas! With the first prequel film still a few years away, the various Lucasfilm companies decided to to all-in on an entirely new original expanded story in the Star Wars universe taking place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It would be told across several books, a graphic novel, and a video game. There would even be toys released featuring the new original characters created for the story. It would be called…Shadows of the Empire. If you were a fan of Star Wars, this is likely the best time for you to be a fan.

So welcome back to Gaming History You Should Know, where we highlight some of the biggest independently produced gaming documentaries across the web. Today, we are once again highlighting the great work of YouTube channel Saintmillion. He produced a nearly feature-length documentary about the entire Shadows of the Empire event, how it came to be, what took place during the story, and how it effected the entire Star Wars canon. Enjoy!

It’s really sad to know that after the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, events from Shadows of the Empire are no longer acknowledged.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire is out now for PC and Nintendo 64.


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