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Bawls Announces New Cherry Cola Flavor August 29, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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This is a gaming website, but we cannot deny the ultimate gaming beverage is BAWLS! It has been a staple of LAN parties for two decades! We may have talked about this product previously on this website, but for good reason. Originally presented to me as the only high-caffeinated beverage that actually tasted good, it would be a regular purchase of mine back when CompUSA was in its heyday.

Up until today, there have been six flavors of Bawls offered: Regular, Cherry, Ginger, Zero (Sugar), Root Beer, and Orange. Today, they have announced their seventh flavor, Cherry Cola!

Want it? Cherry Cola is up for sale right now on the Official Bawls Store.

Pokemon Masters Released August 29, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Pokémon Trainers with smartphones and tablets can hit up their device’s respective digital marketplace and download Pokémon Masters right now! Here’s the launch trailer.

Having played a little bit of the game’s opening I can tell you this game offers new type of battle system with a story that takes place after the event’s of the main Pokémon titles!

If you happened to preorder the game, it should have downloaded to your device automatically. Just check your home screen for it!

Pokemon Masters is out now for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. A 64-bit device is required.