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Nintendo Switch Lite Announced July 10, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Nintendo has just announced a new model of Nintendo Switch is coming this fall, called the Nintendo Switch Lite. Take a look!

As a current Nintendo Switch owner I will likely pass on this unit. While I appreciate the smaller form factor, Nintendo Switch Lite looks like it will be a smaller and cheaper options for players who don’t have a Switch or want a Switch they can take on the go. We will probably learn more about the handheld as we lead to release this fall.

I just want to put a little footnote here from my own personal knowledge. The video depicted can make it a little confusing to the layman that use of the Switch and Switch Lite are interchangeable. While it is certainly the case Switch and Switch Lite owners will be able to compete against each other either in local or Internet-connected matches, the Switch does not allow for the same user to use their personal Switch profile on multiple devices. That means, while you can currently transfer your Switch account if your Switch breaks (which is a feature that has only RECENTLY been added) you can’t change your Switch accounts back and forth between multiple Switch consoles.


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