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New Coke – Stranger Things 3 Gift Pack Unboxing July 9, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.
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Netflix customers have probably been glued to the most recent season of the hit show Stranger Things as it celebrates the release of its third season. To coincide with its release, many companies are switching back to their 80s designs and bringing back products that were only available at that time. One of those products is New Coke, the controversial updated beverage released by Coca-Cola in the mid-80s intended to be the replacement for their flagship classic beverage.

New Coke has since gone down in history as a complete failure and a lesson to be learned on what not to do when competing in an open consumer market. Having been a baby during the heyday of New Coke, I never tried the product myself, and that is something that I regret. It would occasionally get resold as Coke 2 during the 90s, but that rebranding kind of flew under the radar for me. Now, Coke is once again releasing New Coke (in its original can design), and we can finally try it for ourselves.

I know you’re wondering why we are talking about a television show called Stranger Things on a gaming focused website? Stranger Things follows the lives of four nerdy boys (and their families) living in a fictional Indiana town during the early-to-mid 1980s. It is not only a love letter to the sci-fi genre, it’s also a love letter to 80s nerd fandom. As the show’s first episode began, we witnessed four main characters playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons. In season 2, completing the game Dragon’s Lair became a point of pride at the town’s new arcade. I could go on with references for at least the next hour if I wanted to, but needless to say this is a show we’re long overdue to discuss.

We ordered ourselves a Stranger Things gift pack which included two cans of New Coke with the intention to review it for the website. That is currently the only way to get New Coke in the US, short of going to the World of Coca-Cola building in Atlanta, GA and asking for a can while they still have a supply.

Before we did our review, we felt that we needed to pay some attention to the special packaging Coke is shipping their New Coke cans in, so here’s an official unboxing!

New Coke will not be sold in stores, at least in the United States, so the only way to currently guarantee yourself a can of the stuff is to get it from the official Coca-Cola website, Coke Store.