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Undergrads Movie on Kickstarter September 28, 2018

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Nearly a year before I left for college I caught a late night animated show on Comedy Central. The show was called Undergrads and focused on four friends in college and the hi-jinx they got into during their first year of college. The episode, called Jerks, was absolutely hilarious. Its jokes were timely and the four main characters, Nitz, Cal, Rocko and Gimpy were great. After I completed my first year of college I discovered I had received the nearly the exact same experiences as the show’s main characters.

Undergrads was a great show but it was also groundbreaking in the way that it was one of the first shows to showcase gaming as part of its plot lines. One episode revolved around the characters playing the board game Risk, with the winner receiving all the glory that comes with it. Another episode ended with an epic Quake III Arena LAN party, with the winning team getting control of the dorm’s chosen fandom theme.

The show ended after just thirteen episodes, and the season finale which became the series finale ended on a cliffhanger. Series creator Pete Williams said he always planned to focus each season on a different school year and had the show continued the second season would have covered their sophomore year. Now, through some kind of legal magic, Pete Williams has gotten MTV (the show’s owner) to give him the film rights to Undergrads and allow him to finish the show. Pete is asking for $88,000 CA, which he says will be enough money to fund the film’s pre-production process.

You can learn more about the film’s status and (if you like) contribute funding here. They are currently halfway to their funding goal and have over a month until the crowdfunding goal concludes.


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