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Dot Hack DVD Deals May 19, 2018

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.

A few years ago, Maniac hosted a series where he shared some of the best deals he could find at the time while shopping for Final Fantasy and Silent Hill games. The idea was to report on where certain items with limited availability could be obtained for low prices. He hasn’t needed to bring it back in a while, but after getting into the .hack// series while playing .hack//G.U. on the PS4, he became interested in learning more about the franchise. Since the PS2 episodic games are long out of print and the PSP game .hack//Link was never released in the US, that meant Maniac would be checking out the animated series. Thankfully, Funimation re-released many of the original .hack animated series on DVD and Blu-Ray Discs, and with the re-released, each boxed set includes every episode of an individual series along with any O.V.A.s.

But what .hack// DVDs should you get and in what order do they go? Is there anything you should get on Blu-Ray Disc? What price should you expect for each boxed set? We’re back to sharing some of Maniac’s best deals on the web and where to find them. Watch, and find out.


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