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FAIL: Comcast Won’t Broadcast the 2018 Winter Olympics in 4K February 13, 2018

Posted by Maniac in FAIL, Site Videos.

We’ve occasionally strived to offer 4K content on this website at our own expense, which is more than Comcast has done for their customers for this year’s Olympics. Welcome back to FAIL, an unscripted series where we talk about the biggest blunders in film and television. This week marks the return of the Winter Olympics, where the best athletes across the world will get together to compete in a wide range of winter sports.

4KTVs/UHDTVs have received an incredible installation base over the past year, despite the lack of readily available UHD-capable devices and content. At this year’s Winter Olympics, Sony provided 4K-capable broadcast television cameras. In the US, Comcast/Universal has exclusive television rights to broadcast the Olympics, and has been airing them on their various NBC owned channels. The problem is, Comcast, by its own admission, does not have a cable service capable of 4K, despite being one of the most successful companies in the world. That means most of the US will not be able to watch the Olympics in 4K, even if they own a 4K television. Why not?


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