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Gaming History You Should Know – The GameCube/Game Boy Advance Link Cable February 11, 2018

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Welcome back to a new edition of Gaming History You Should Know, an ongoing series where we take a look back at some of the best stories in gaming history, as chronicled by some of the best people across the Internet. Today, we will be taking a closer look at the Nintendo GameCube, the first gaming console I owned since the original NES. Nintendo’s GameCube may have come in last place when stacked up against the PS2 and Xbox console generation but Nintendo took some risks with it and it had some great games. One of the risks it took was in the form of a custom cable. While the GameCube may have been in last place, at the same time Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance was running nearly unopposed in the handheld market.

The Game Boy handhelds, with the help of a custom cable could allow for data transfer between two units. Eventually, someone at Nintendo realized they could use the Game Boy Advance’s data port to send data to and from a Nintendo GameCube, and they released a new cable to take advantage of that capability. Eventually, Nintendo released some incredible games to take advantage of GameCube to Game Boy Advance connectivity. Games like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Metroid Prime, and The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures are still discussed to this day. But how exactly did this technology work, and what were its limitations?

Enter Derek Alexander, formerly known as The Happy Video Game Nerd and now known as the host of Stop Skeletons from Fighting, produced this incredible documentary on the cable. If you ever wanted to know how the cable worked, what it could do, and how various GameCube games supported it, give this a watch.

Kingdom Hearts III D23 Tokyo 2018 Trailer February 11, 2018

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We’ve been waiting quite a long time to see the newest game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. We know it is coming to the Xbox One and PS4, but we haven’t seen much news about it since 2.8 HD released on the PS4. This weekend, Disney unveiled the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at D23 Expo Tokyo, which shows an all-new world we will be visiting in the game, the world of Monsters, Inc.

If you liked that, I’m happy to say that’s not all the Kingdom Hearts news we have for you today. Every Kingdom Hearts game has begun with a song performed by the singer Utada, and Kingdom Hearts III will be no different. Here is the all-new theme song for the game, “Don’t Think Twice”.

Kingdom Hearts III is coming later this year to Xbox One and PS4.