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How to Properly Connect Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers To Wrist Straps January 30, 2018

Posted by Maniac in How To, Site Videos.

While many people enjoy playing the Nintendo Switch with their Joy Con Controllers attached to the console while it is in tablet mode, certain games like Super Mario Odyssey take advantage of Joy Con features which can only be used when the Joy Cons are operating independently. Also, you’ll need to separate the Joy Cons when playing two-player modes.

While independent from the console, it’s a good idea to attach your Joy Cons to their provided wrist strap accessories. This will protect the Joy Con’s connection rail and enable players to use the controller’s shoulder buttons. The issue is, first time users can sometimes have problems properly orienting their Joy Cons when attaching or unattaching these straps, and inserting them incorrectly can damage or break the controller.

So here’s a detailed video on how to properly attach your Joy Con controller to a wrist strap.


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