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Maniac’s Kitchen – Ginger Tea January 23, 2018

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Welcome back to Maniac’s Kitchen, where we share our thoughts about food normally reserved for gamers. While up to now we have been reviewing food, this time we made something simple from scratch to see how it turned out.

Ginger has long been held as an all-natural gamer’s supplement and we decided to take some fresh ginger root and try to make some tea with it. How did it turn out? Watch and find out!

Hope you’ve all been enjoying Maniac’s Kitchen. More gaming recipes and food reviews are on the way. Post a comment below if you had an idea for a future episode!

God of War PS4 Release Date January 23, 2018

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The newest entry in the God of War franchise was first announced at E3 several years ago, and it has been highly anticipated ever since. After Kratos destroyed Olympus and the Greek Gods at the end of God of War 3, this new game looked to be inspired by an entirely new pantheon of Gods. On top of that, it appears Kratos now has something to care about, a son.

Today, I’m happy to announce Sony has revealed the official release date for the first game in the God of War series made exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and show this all-new story trailer, enjoy!

God of War is coming April 20th, 2018 exclusively on PS4.