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Gaming History You Should Know – Dungeons and Dragons Hysteria May 14, 2017

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Welcome back to the return of our regular Sunday staple, Gaming History You Should Know, where we highlight and feature some of the best content from across the web. This week, we’ve been talking a lot about the greatness that is Dungeons & Dragons, but I felt the need to tell you about a time when D&D was under attack.  Video Gamers should be plenty familiar with this tactic, as video games were attacked in nearly the same way a decade later.

A lot of what laid the bedrock for what became the Western RPG can be attributed to Dungeons & Dragons.  It was a game which sparked the imagination of many young people and promoted essential social skills and team-building exercises.  However, to the small-minded layman who had never had any actual contact with the game, hearing it included content like demons and magic spells was misconstrued as immoral…somehow.  This misguided moral crusade ended up getting picked up by the mainstream media who was more than happy to spread it like wildfire.

YouTube user Phil, who calls himself El Conquistadork, did a great job chronicling this dark time in gaming.  You should totally check out his well-researched video called The History of Dungeons & Dragons Hysteria!

I don’t think I need to put into words just how stupid this fear mongering was. In fact, in this day and age, actual psychiatrists with actual degrees have openly welcomed using Dungeons & Dragons as a tool to help them with diagnosis and treatment.  Here’s a TED Talk about it:

Hopefully, in the future the mainstream media will excercise better restraint before covering utter nonsense and demonizing an entire generation of people just because of something completely harmless they chose to do with their spare time.

Special thanks to Phil for letting me feature him this week!  You can check out his YouTube Channel here!


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