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Gaming History You Should Know – Death of Hellgate London May 28, 2017

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It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for yet another Gaming History You Should Know. Let me tell you about the PC single-player title with an integrated MMO component, Hellgate London.

Hellgate London was a game with so much promise. It was a technological marvel developed by a team of industry veterans. It had a massive marketing campaign with a lot of hype leading up to release.  It had market crossover potential with novels, comic books and figurines ready in time for launch.  However, the game suffered from bad management and was also fated to get released at the wrong time.

By the time the game reached shelves there were already a slew of potential Game of the Year contenders sitting on the shelf next to it. The fact that it was such a buggy game at launch didn’t help much either.  That’s such a shame because this game had a lot of promise and I don’t regret buying it about a month after it launched.

YouTube Channel nerdSlayer chronicles the rise and fall of MMOs in his series Death of a Game.  This guy does an in-depth amount of research on the games he covers, and his videos feature a peek into some of the behind the scenes drama that goes into managing such an expensive genre.  Here’s his video on the death of Hellgate London:

Video games that use an online component can be discontinued at any time, and while Hellgate London has continued to remain playable, tons of other games aren’t as lucky.  This should go on to become a cautionary tale for game developers everywhere.

Special thanks to nerdSlayer for letting me feature his videos this week. If you want to hear more about the rise and fall of other MMOs like Star Wars Galaxies or Tabula Rasa, you can check out his great videos here!