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New Pokemon Video Announcement Coming Tomorrow, What Could it Be? May 9, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

The Pokémon Company has confirmed that there will be an official announcement tomorrow on the Pokémon YouTube Channel.We currently know for a fact that at least two new Pokemon games are in development as I consider GEN 7 (Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon) one title, but we also know Pokémon Go is in development for smartphones. Chances are the video tomorrow could be about either of these titles, but which one, and what would the video be about?
So here are my theories about what The Pokémon Company could show us tomorrow:

1. It could be a trailer for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon that shows actual gameplay.  The game’s official announcement trailer showed very little game content, and it would be nice to see actual gameplay and a look at the new game’s environment.

What are the Odds?: 75 percent. In all likely I would consider this the most likely option. GEN7 is just a few months away from release so actual game footage would be a good bet.

2. Pokémon Go Update. This could take multiple forms. The game is currently in a closed beta testing phase in limited regions. I know for a fact that people have been begging the developers to open the beta for worldwide testing, so we could see an announcement about that tomorrow. Or, if developer Niantic wanted to skip worldwide testing and go straight to releasing the game, we could get a release date announcement.

What are the Odds?: 50 percent chance Pokémon Go would simply get shown, 20 percent chance we could get an official release date, 15 percent chance it would be a Beta announcement. Pokémon Go‘s Beta testing announcements have been pretty hush hush (not counting the leaks) and I honestly wouldn’t expect Pokémon Go to greatly expand to a worldwide beta test unless they were very close to releasing the app. However, Pokémon Go is expected to launch this summer and it would make sense for The Pokémon Company to announce an official release date.

3. It could be an all new announcement for some new game we have no idea about.  This option just covers too broad a spectrum for me to fully investigate.  We see a new game in one of the Pokémon spin-off series, an English port of the Detective Pikachu downloadable game, or a Virtual Console announcement.

What are the Vegas Odds?: 10 percent. I would think the most likely candidate for a new announcement would be 3DS Virtual Console releases for GEN 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal). GEN1 did VERY well in 3DS sales, and if Nintendo had any intelligence they would fast track re-releasing GEN2 as soon as they could.

So those are just my ideas, and I want to end this article by saying that I have no insider information about what is planed to be announced tomorrow, but I’m greatly looking forward to whatever may be coming next!

What do you think is coming tomorrow?  I want to hear your thoughts! Post a comment below.



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