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Pokemon Podcast May 18, 2016

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This year celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the release of the original Pokémon titles in Japan. We’ve covered as many of the special events as we could, but there’s a lot more about this franchise that we haven’t been able to say.

As you know, our Podcasts are an unscripted series where we can talk about any video game franchise. We have gotten many requests to do a podcast about the Pokémon games, but we held off doing them because we hadn’t played the vast majority of the games until recently.

So I’m honored to present you with our exclusive contribution to the Pokémon20 celebration, the Pokémon Podcast!  In it, we talk about our history with the franchise, what we thought of the game series and wrap up with what we think the future holds in store for fans!

You might want to schedule some time off before you listen, at two and a half hours in length this will be our longest podcast ever.