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Star Fox Zero – The Battle Begins Animated Short April 20, 2016

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We’re just days away from the release of Star Fox Zero on the Wii U and to commemorate the game’s upcoming release Nintendo commissioned an animated short film, titled “The Battle Begins”.

The short works as a great prequel to the game franchise, and does a great job introducing the Star Fox team to a new audience.

Nintendo streamed the animated special earlier tonight alongside an exclusive preview of the game. Thankfully, the short has been archived online so anyone who missed the stream or who wants to see it again can enjoy it to their heart’s content!  Enjoy.

If Nintendo decides to archive their Star Fox Zero preview, I’ll publish it in a later video.

Star Fox Zero is coming April 22nd, 2016 exclusively on the Wii U.


Gaming History You Should Know: How to Change Nintendo Save Batteries April 20, 2016

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I know we offer our own series of How-To Videos on this website, but they tend to focus on helping you get the most out of the newer consoles.  However, even I have my limitations. Give me a detailed manual and a set of tools and I can assemble or upgrade anything from a PC to a PS4, but when it comes to actually modifying hardware with heat, I’m at a loss.

Nintendo owners have had to grapple for years with the knowledge that their older game cartridges rely on internal batteries to store save data. However, like all batteries, their charge can eventually die. Once dead, they have to be replaced or the cart is functionally crippled. The worst part of all this is the fact that replacing these batteries can be quite a process which run a risk of destroying your game.  So, what do you do?

I make no secret that one of my favorite YouTube producers is Lance Rumowicz, who you may know better as MistareFusion. While he is mostly known for his popular Dragon Ball Dissection (DBD) videos, I’ve been a huge fan of a lot of his content, including his ongoing Final Fantasy Memories videos, his review of the movie 1776, and his ongoing review of the original Batman movie serial.

Today, MistareFusion is going to show you something I can’t, and that is how to replace a Nintendo 64 game cart’s dead battery.  If you own one of these games you really should give this video a watch, because it is one of the clearest and most detailed videos I’ve ever seen about how to do this process.

Pokemon TV App Updated April 20, 2016

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If you have an Android or iOS device and are a fan of any season of Pokémon: The Animated Series, you need to consider giving the Pokémon TV app a download.

The Pokémon TV app is a free application for smartphones and tablets. It allows you to stream episodes of Pokémon: The Animated Series from any season without commercials. While not every episode from every season is offered at once, the episodes offered in the app are changed every week.  It is highly likely you’ll find at least one of your favorite episodes on the app at any given time!

The Pokemon Company has just announced they released an update to the Pokémon TV application today.  The update gave a facelift to the app’s interface, offered some minor bug fixes and an offline mode, although we haven’t been able to test that mode out for ourselves.

If you are currently using the app, make sure to update it soon. If you don’t have it, you should consider giving it a download. As of the time this is being posted, app users can still stream the second animated film, Pokémon: The Movie 2000 free.  I don’t know how much longer users will be able to watch the movie, so make sure to check it out while you still can.