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May the Fourth Be With You – Some Jerk With a Camera Reviews Star Tours May 4, 2015

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Tony Goldmark, also known on the Internet as Some Jerk With a Camera, is a legendary online personality who reviews theme park rides. When I say review I don’t mean he goes on a ride and then writes about it, Tony will shoot a complex scripted review at a multitude of planned locations…while at the theme parks.  His reviews are incredible!

One of his early reviews was of the original Star Tours ride shortly before it was replaced with a new version. Joined by two of his friends, The Wire of The Idiot’s Lantern and Spazzmaster, they wanted to see if the ride was still as good as we all remembered.  You can watch the whole review here.

By the time he started his second season of reviews, the newly renovated Star Tours: The Adventure Continues ride relaunched in the Disney Parks, and Tony wanted to see if the updated ride was as good as the original.  This review is in two parts, you can watch part 1 here and part 2 here.

I have to say that I was lucky enough to ride the original version of Star Tours four times. The first time I rode it was in 1994 at the Disney/MGM Studios in Walt Disney World, several months before I watched the original Star Wars films for the first time.  When I got to ride it during my first trip to Disneyland in 1996 I was a full fledged Star Wars fan.  My last ride in the original version was at the now renamed Disney’s Hollywood Studios some time around 2007, shortly before the ride’s renovations. I’ve never had the chance to ride the new version of Star Tours, but I really appreciated hearing Tony’s remarks about it.

What’s coming up next for Tony?  He’s going to be reviewing The Simpsons Ride.



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