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Reminder: International StreetPass Week Continues Until April 26th April 23, 2015

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Last week, Nintendo released two new titles for the Nintendo 3DS which took advantage of the system’s StreetPass functionality.  These games require players to be in proximity with other 2DS/3DS owners for a short time, so they can use other people’s Miis to complete the StreetPass games.

For years now, Nintendo has offered 3DS and 2DS owners unable to find other players locally the opportunity to still obtain StreetPass Tags using specially equipped Nintendo Zone locations.  By bringing your Nintendo handheld to one of these locations, you will get free internet connectivity automatically on your device, and StreetPass tags for as many as the past six StreetPass users.  You can usually find these Nintendo Zone locations in various businesses such as McDonalds, Best Buy, Starbucks and AT&T stores.

However, StreetPass relays will only grant players access to the Miis of the people who physically visited that location before them, meaning it is tougher to obtain StreetPass tags from new users using this method.  This week users won’t have that problem.   Nintendo is designating this week International StreetPass Week, and any user who brings their Nintendo handheld to a designated Nintendo Zone location until April 26th can participate. Users will be given as many as six random StreetPass tags from Nintendo users across the world. 

This is not only perfect timing for StreetPass users hoping to do well on the new StreetPass Plaza games, but it’s great for new 3DS players who may have just recently picked up the New Nintendo 3DS XL and want to make up progress in games like Find Mii.



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