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Playstation 4 Day One Firmware Update Does Not Require Online Activation October 31, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Those of you who may be lacking broadband internet access and wish to pick up a Playstation 4 with the hope of using most of the console’s announced features can breathe a small sigh of relief today.  According to several media sources, the Day One Software Update that Sony is releasing on the PS4’s launch can be installed from multiple different sources, including USB.

This may be a welcome announcement, as many prospective PS4 owners have been concerned that Sony’s update servers may not be able to meet the demand of all the new PS4 users updating their consoles at around the same time.  By offering different update solutions, this could lessen the load on Sony’s update server, or provide a workaround in case users do find problems updating online.

Sony has also stated they may be able to provide an alternate activation disc to users unable to update through other means.  However, you may need to contact Sony Support in order to have that disc sent to you.

You can read more about this, as well as all of the final technical information Sony is releasing on the PS4, here.

The Playstation 4 is launching November 15th, 2013 for a price of $399 US.



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