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Video Game Halloween Costume Ideas October 30, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

Tomorrow is Halloween in my neck of the woods, and while many people have already decided what costumes they plan to wear tomorrow, it can be hard for some to pick out just the right costume to wear.  There may also be some gamers out there who want to show off their love for video games as well, and want to recreate the costume of a video game character to show their love.  I understand that there are tons of video game costumes available to purchase online (some of them are even officially licensed), but there are plenty more that are not.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to post up a list of some popular video game characters who have outfits that can be replicated with just a little bit of money, and a long look through a closet.  Now get to it!

Pokémon Trainer (Pokémon) – While they deal with fantastical technology and creatures, Nintendo’s Pokémon games have always tried to make their game world and fashion as close to real life as possible.  Most of the clothes that the various Pokémon trainers have worn over the years can be readily found in most people’s closets.  Their costumes can usually be made up of black shirts, blue vests, fingerless gloves, hoodies, jeans and a backpack.  The only problem I’ve seen is trainer hats are custom for the most part, and may be more difficult to obtain.  While most of Ash’s hats from the various Pokémon animated series can be found cheaply on sites like Amazon, if you’re a female interested in the hat worn by the Black and White female trainer, you may have to make that yourself.  If you’re going for a more recent Pokémon Trainer look, just remember to keep your sunglasses in your hat.  If you have any Poke Balls or plush Pokémon around, bring them with you in case someone challenges you to a battle.

Mario and Luigi (Super Mario Bros) – Their costumes can be incredibly simple.  Both Mario and Luigi wear jean overalls, which can be found pretty much anywhere.  If you’re going to play as Mario, you’ll need a red sweatshirt, and Luigi wears a green sweatshirt.  If you have white gloves, they could enhance the look, but they’re not needed.  You’re going to need a mustache, so if you’re unable to grow one yourself, make sure to pick one up at a costume shop.  While you could always accessorize your costume further, like build a ghost vacuum for Luigi, don’t bother bringing a plunger with you.  While the boys are plumbers, we have never seen them carry a plunger in a single one of their video games.  What you will need to top it off though is a custom Mario or Luigi hat, and you can find those pretty cheaply online, or at any costume shop.  Heck, Nintendo has been giving away custom Luigi hats all year long at most of their major events.  You probably have one in a swag bag somewhere you forgot about.

JC Denton  (Deus Ex) – Very simple costume for the bionic agent.  Black leather trench coat.  Blue or gray zip up fleece shirt or vest.  Sunglasses.  That’s it.

Jackie Estacato (The Darkness) – Take the JC Denton costume (listed above), lose the sunglasses and add a long black wig.

Duke Nukem – Red tank top, blue jeans, black suspenders, and dark sunglasses.  The hard part is going to be in replicating his classic flat top blond haircut, or his huge muscles.  You may be able to find a wig to match the hair, or just happen to normally sport his classic hairstyle, but the muscles may be harder to replicate.  As Duke would say, “Be sure to take your um…vitamins.”

Frank West (Dead Rising) – Frank is a bit more difficult to recreate as he’s got a nearly infinite amount of different costumes that he can wear in the games that he’s appeared in, and many of his outfits can be confusing to anyone unfamiliar with the game series.  Here’s an interesting story.  I once saw a guy walking around PAX East last year in nothing more than a pair of briefs and suspenders to hold them up.  The producer next to me had no idea what he just saw, but was relieved when I told him that it looked like he was cosplaying as Frank West.  While It may be a little cold to do an outfit like that outside, you can always go for his default outfit of a white button up shirt and leather jacket.  Just don’t forget the camera.

Psychic Camper from Psychonauts – Double Fine actually sells shirts that are an exact replica of the ones that the campers wear while staying at the Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, and they have them in both mens and womens style.  If you want to show off your psychic skills, you can pick one up here.

Nathan Drake (Uncharted) – Well, anyone who happened to pick up a copy of the Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition should be able to recreate his costume.  While he has changed his clothing on many different occasions depending on the environment he was in, he’s never far away from Sir Francis Drake’s ring.  A replica of that ring, plus Drake’s horseshoe belt buckle are included in that collector’s edition, and they should work well enough that you could wear them as part of a costume.  While you can’t go wrong with wearing a simple black suit with a white button up shirt and no tie, as he does in the beginning of Uncharted 3, Drake is usually known for his long sleeve beige shirts, blue jeans, and boots.  That should be easy enough to obtain.  Just keep the ring around your neck to complete to look.

Max Payne – I actually went dressed as him once one Halloween.  While the more recent Max Payne game depicted him as a bald, bearded man in a Hawaiian shirt, the original version of him was clean shaven with a full head of hair.  Depending on what version you are going for, you may need a leather jacket with an open Hawaiian shirt under it.

So that’s just a small list of how do make some quick video game costumes this Halloween.  No matter who you choose to go as I wish you all a very fun and safe time!



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