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Taco Bell Playstation 4 Giveaway Contest Review October 3, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Reviews.

Okay. They’re doing it again. Taco Bell and Sony have once again partnered up to tie a huge early console giveaway to their Five Buck Box.


Anyone who picks up a Taco Bell Five Buck Box (and there are two currently available at my local Taco Bell) during the span of this promotional period has the chance to win a Playstation 4 early. In order to enter the contest, you just have to text the secret code printed on the side of your Five Buck Box to Taco Bell from your cellphone and send a follow up text to accept the contest’s terms of service. You’ll get a text back almost immediately with the notification if you won or not.

Now, I mentioned before that Sony and Taco Bell have done something like this before.  In fact, they did almost the exact same kind of promotion just before the Playstation Vita was released.  That promotion ended with a huge black eye for Taco Bell, as many legitimate winners complained about being falsely denied their prizes due to an insecure prize website.  Taco Bell’s Vita site was slow and made it very difficult for winners to redeem their prize.

In case you were wondering if Taco Bell ironed out the glitches from the last time around read on.  The fact that Taco Bell chose not to have redemption through a website was probably a smart move.  The downside is of course that you will need to have a cell phone with a text message plan and be willing to pay applicable texting rates to redeem your code.  I have to say that the text message system was working perfectly fine when I entered the contest.  It was extremely convenient to enter the contest, much more convenient than if I was entering online.

Once again, I’m glad that this promotion exists because it is honestly encouraging to see video gaming front and center in a mainstream business like Taco Bell.  The chance to get an early Playstation 4, one of the three major consoles in this future generation, is nothing to slouch at.  In case you’re wondering, I didn’t win but you can’t base the merits of a contest based on the fact that you won.  Let’s face it, the odds don’t look good that you will win.  Taco Bell promises they are awarding a winner every fifteen minutes.  If you’re feeling lucky, pick up a Five Buck Box and enter.



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