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BEYOND: Two Souls Tribeca Screening Video May 2, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
trackback was there at the Tribeca Film Festival to preview BEYOND: Two Souls by Quantic Dream.  Now, Sony has released the entire live stream of the event, so you guys can check it out for yourselves.

Not enough for you?  Well, it wasn’t for me either.  Thankfully Quantic Dream has released gameplay footage from some other scenes from the game online.  While none of them continue the story we saw above, they do showcase just what a wide variety of scenes will be happening in this game’s story.

First up, a scene where Jodie is a young girl, and she’s being examined by Willem Dafoe’s character, Nathan, and a few clips from some other scenes from the game.

Anyone else notice the Ghostbusters cards?  Finally, here are snippets from a train escape.

Looks amazing!  Although I have to ask how the heck can she stay on top of that train with all that rain pouring down?

BEYOND: Two Souls is coming October 8th, 2013 exclusive to the PS3.



1. Making of BEYOND: Two Souls – Gameplay Featurette | - Gaming News, Videos and Editorials! - July 24, 2013

[…] know that a lot of people who witnessed the Tribeca Film Festival preview of the game had a lot of questions about the game’s interface and just how you would control the game.  […]

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