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Destiny – The Law of the Jungle Trailer May 23, 2013

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Bungie Studios made a name for themselves over ten years ago for creating Halo, and with it, the video game blockbuster.  Now, Bungie’s latest title is an entirely new breath of fresh air, and now we have the first official trailer for the game in anticipation for its unveiling at this year’s E3.

While this trailer is clearly pre-rendered, Bungie promises they will unveil the first official gameplay footage for Destiny will be shown on June 10th, 2013 at Sony’s E3 Playstation press event.

Destiny is coming to the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and possibly further platforms.  Exclusive content will be included with the PS3 and PS4 versions.

Alan Wake Deals This Week May 23, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Following yesterday’s announcement from Remedy about the future of Alan Wake, Remedy is heavily discounting the Alan Wake series on both the PC and the Xbox 360 this week.

For you PC users with an internet connection, Remedy has partnered with Humble Bundle to make the PC versions of Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare available through the service.  You can pay any amount you wish, and distribute it however you decide between Remedy, Humble Bundle, or charity.  They are offering downloadable versions of the two Alan Wake games, in either a DRM-free download or STEAM version if you prefer.  Remedy is also including exclusive content with the purchase.  Some of the bonus content was previously only available with the Collector’s Editions of the game, but they’re also including tons of bonus content that has never been made available before.  You can check out the Humble Bundle Sale here.

For those of you who may prefer to play the Xbox 360 versions of the series, Xbox Live has you covered.  Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and all the downloadable episodes for Alan Wake are available to download at a heavy discount for this week only.  You can purchase the full version of Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 for just $5 US.  The two Alan Wake downloadable episodes have also been discounted to around $3 US a piece.  Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, which is 1200 MS Points normally, has been heavily discounted to around $4 US a piece.

If you’ve never played this cult classic, regardless of your platform of choice, now is the best chance to take a look at it.  Just remember, this deal is only valid for this week.  Xbox Live’s discount will go until the 27th of May, and as of the time of writing the Humble Bundle offer is only valid for six more days.

Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are out now for the Xbox 360 and PC.