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Game Boys Animated Series Announced June 15, 2012

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Brad Jones, better known to the internet as The Cinema Snob, has just announced that he intends to release a follow-up to his 2008 independently produced and freely released comedy film Game Boys as a weekly animated series.

The series will be animated by artist (and supervillian) Andrew Dickman. Brad Jones has announced that all the major characters from the original movie will be reprised by their original actors including himself, Alyx Shryock, Jake Norvell, Jerrid Foiles, and Jillian Zurawski. However, Bianca Queen, who played Sally, Brad’s main love interest in the movie, has retired from acting and Jones is unsure if she will return.

I for one am thrilled for this announcement. I was a huge fan of the original movie Game Boys, I thought it was a breath of fresh air in a world where major movies either completely ignore talking about video games or if they did, completely botch their depictions of it. To me, it felt like Game Boys was authentic, as it was done by people who had a passion for the games they played, and I have been hoping that Brad would return to the film and make a sequel. If you want to hear my full thoughts about the movie, you can watch my review of it here. Here’s to hoping that other ancillary characters like Richardson and Virtual Boyd will also return!

You can read the full announcement for the series here. If you have not yet seen the original Game Boys movie yet, you can watch it here free of charge.

UPDATE: I’m being notified by several sources (including Brad Jones himself, *points down*) that Bianca Queen will indeed return as Sally. I think this is wonderful news as she is a fantastic actress. I loved her in Game Boys and Midnight Heat, both directed by Jones, and can’t wait to see her back with the rest of the returning ensemble cast.