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My Xbox Live App Updated June 14, 2012

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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A new version of My Xbox Live has been released, updating the iOS and Android versions of the program.

My Xbox Live is a mobile app designed to give Xbox Live users access to their Live accounts, track their achievements, stream exclusive videos, and update their avatars. With this update, they can do a lot more.

With the updated app, all the previous features are still intact but now users can interface with their 360 directly and have some control over it. For example, you’ll be able to pause and rewind movies directly from your phone without having to pick up a controller or Xbox remote.

Microsoft announced their new SmartGlass software at this year’s E3. With it, they are promising a deeper level of integration between devices and the 360. You’ll be able to downloaded or steamed movies across your devices, regardless of platform. You’ll also get access to game specific content and control over the Internet Explorer browser (when that is released).

Since the program now gives the user some control over their own Xbox 360 It looks like this could be the first step for SmartGlass.

Once updated you’ll need to follow a step by step process to link your device to your Xbox 360 before making use of the new features.

Microsoft SmartGlass is expected to launch in Fall 2012 to a wide range of smartphones, tablets and PCs.

My Xbox Live is out now for your smartphone and tablets and you can download it free through the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace. Current users will need to update their old versions to make use of the new features.