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How To Connect a Nintendo Wii to a HDTV December 23, 2011

Posted by Maniac in How To, Site Videos.

In the second how to video I’m doing for this holiday season, I’m going to show you how to properly hook up a Nintendo Wii to a High-Definition Television.  This is a lot easier than it is for the Xbox 360 because the Wii has fewer options, but there will still be a few things you will need to do in order to have it working properly.



1. Bill Mullin - December 30, 2011

I purchased the Wii for my grandson. My questions are as follows maybe you can explain them to me since I am not into any of these computer game consoles.

I hooked up the HDTV (Sony Baveria) thru my cable provider…no problem. I receive all my cable channels.
I purchased a DVD player no HDMI. Hooked up the cables and I am able to view the DVD’s. I can switch between the cable TV and DVD’s from my couch with no problem.

Now I run into a problem when I hook up my Nitendo Wii. I am working only with the wire that came with the Wii.

What I’ve been doing is physically getting up and disconnecting the DVD wires and then inserting the Wii wires.

My question is can I have all three hookups working at the same time? I just can’t seem to figure out where the Wii wires go when I have the DVD hooked up.

Is there a way I can get all three units hooked up so I can, from my couch switch from cable to DVD to Wii?

Thanks much,
Bill Mullin

Maniac - December 30, 2011

You have a few options.

1. Buy a wii component cable for like 30 or so dollars from the store. If you have a spare component connection on your tv, you can run DVD through one input and you can run component for the wii. Sure you won’t get the best picture quality through DVD but you’ll have two systems running on two seperate connections. I don’t know what kind of inputs you have on your TV, but if it’s a more modern Bravia HDTV setup, they usually come with 2-4 HDMI connections, 2 component connections and 1 standard av connection (but that’s just a guess on what you have). Anyways, I’m rambling, my point is if you have an extra component, buy a component cable for the wii and use that instead.

2. If you don’t have any extra connections on that tv that your wii or DVD player can make use of, you can always consider buying a surround sound receiver. The new ones which support HD audio and video will come with extra inputs. Plug the devices directly into the receiver and the receiver directly into your TV and enjoy. You won’t notice much picture quality degrade unless your cables are old and poorly insulated. I’ve noticed the occasional fuzz from two low quality wires making contact, but that was just with using standard yellow video cable.

3. Your last option is to buy some kind of video splitter. This I would consider a last resort, because VIDEO WILL DEGRADE with these kinds of things, but they are a much cheaper option than using a receiver. I had a friend who used one of these to handle multiple component connections at once, one of them being a Playstation 3. He noticed at random intervals his video would wonk out completely and he thought his playstation 3 was broken. I went over to his house to troubleshoot with a regular HDMI cable and had no issue on the new cable. Turns out his split was causing bandwith issues through component, there wasn’t enough bandwith to support high definition picture at random times there was a lot of data being displayed on the screen and the tv would not be able to sustain the image. I didn’t notice the issue in progressive scan though, that requires much less bandwith than HD.

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3. Angela Smith - March 11, 2013

Thank you so much for your informative video. You have helped immensely:)

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