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Live VGAs 2011 Twitter Feed December 10, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Site News.
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The Spike Video Game Awards show is on right now and I’m watching it yet again. You can catch it on the official site, but I’m posting up my initial thoughts as it happens on my twitter feed.

There have already been premieres of Mass Effect 3, Command & Conquer Generals 2, and Hitman! Alan Wake (XBLA) is up next!


Halo Waypoint Released for iOS December 10, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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In another surprising move, another program Microsoft designed that was originally designed as a Windows Phone 7 exclusive has been released to the iOS through the App Store.

Halo Waypoint started off as an Xbox 360 program which allowed you to watch exclusive videos and track your game progress.  It started off by creating its own ranking system but with later revisions allowed you to track your multiplayer statistics online.  A smartphone version was released in conjunction with Windows Phone 7 and featured almost all the features of the original Xbox 360 version for people on the go.

Unfortunately, this iOS release of Halo Waypoint lacks almost all the features Halo Waypoint offers through other means.  You cannot watch Halo Waypoint exclusive videos or check your Halo Waypoint Ranking.  The only thing you can do is check the daily Halo Reach challenges or your multiplayer statistics, and you could already do that with the Bungie App!  If you want multiplayer tips and strategies, you’ll have to pay extra for the ATLAS feature.

There really is no excuse for features like video to be omitted from this version of the program, as they have been included in the mobile version of Halo Waypoint for Windows Phone 7 since that OS released.

You can download Halo Waypoint for free through the App Store.  It has also been made avaible for Android.