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My Disappointment of 2011 December 21, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

I don’t really have my own disappointment list of 2011, but if I did have something to say about the year is that I have been so disappointed that SO MANY major titles had to come out within the span of just three months. This has been bad for everyone, including the consumers and the retailers. Because so many titles from major franchises came out at pretty much the same time, there were a good half-dozen or so games that came out I just have not been able to play, including RAGE and Resistance 3.

This same thing happened in 2008, but the problem was made much worse. In 2008 the winter season got dominated by a SINGLE platform exclusive major release for each platform. Resistance 2 came out for the Playstation 3, Gears of War 2 came out for the Xbox 360, and there were premium boxed editions of the major music franchises with all the instruments. Games that came from (then) unknown IPs like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge saw very little in sales, and wouldn’t get a second wind until the next year following a price drop.

This year, there has just been an OVERFLOW of major platform exclusives and multiplatforms. Forget about small releases, they have been largely ignored. In some cases you have major platform exclusives coming out for the same platform. This isn’t a console launch year!  It isn’t a good idea to compete with your own products.  Sure you may incite some consumers who were on the fence to buy your consoles with the new library of exclusives you have, but a console purchase is a BIG one.  Buying a new console (and everything that goes along with it) can easily take up an entire paycheck.  With new games being $60US a pop, a new console adopter could pay the same amount he did for the game console just by buying four new games before Christmas.

GameStop had mentioned they were expecting a major holiday season based upon the initial preorders they were getting for the strong lineup that was coming out. Then they posted less than optimistic returns because (gasp) people weren’t redeeming their preorders because there were just so many games coming out they just couldn’t afford to do it.  Didn’t anyone at GameStop’s management see the enormous volume of major releases coming out in such a small timeframe and ponder this may happen?

So with so many games having already released, 2012 with its so far pretty evenly spaced out release schedule, is looking like a much kinder year on gamer’s wallets, and the games lined up for next year are looking to be pretty free of major competition and will probably get decent launches.

Really looking forward to 2012, well, at least my wallet is.



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