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Do NOT Use Third Party Hard Drives in an Xbox 360 August 19, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

This is just a quick warning for everyone who visits this site for its technical information.  It turns out that since it’s so easy to build a hard drive for an Xbox 360 Slim, people have been selling third-party unofficial drives through methods like Amazon and eBay since they’re cheaper than what Microsoft is charging for them.

Recently, I got a comment on my Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive installation video from an Xbox Slim user who could not play Halo 2 even though he had upgraded it with a Hard Drive.  I was troubleshooting for this poor guy for several days, and we could not get the game to run on his slim no matter what he did.

Finally I did some research into the problem and found the solution.  It turns out generic, homebrew and international drives are not properly formatted to Xbox 1 specifications.  Xbox had a specifically partitioned hard drive which its games made use of.  This was in lieu of having only 64MB of RAM, game developers created a pagefile in the hard drive to make up for it.  Since the 360 is backwards compatible, all Microsoft made drives have this partition in place so Xbox 1 games can make use of it.

If the drive is not properly partitioned and formatted the way an Xbox 1 game expects, the game will throw an error and refuse to load.  It turns out the idiots who are making these drives and selling them on the cheap are not aware of how to properly partition the drives they are selling, and while they are working fine for Xbox 360 storage, without the Xbox 1 partition in place in the hard drive you will not be able to play any of the Xbox 1 games that are backwards compatible.  This is a problem even if the game was downloaded through Xbox Live, it still will not play.

In short, they’re a plague, avoid them as such.  Be aware of what the Xbox 360 Slim HD packaging looks like, and be wary of any deals you might be getting on them.  If your drive is not able to play an Xbox 1 game, return it immediately and get a refund.

UPDATE:  This video might help.  This is what actual Xbox 360 Hard Drives look like.  If your drive does not look like what is featured in the video, you likely have a fraudulent drive.



1. ripped by hottestdealever on ebay - October 4, 2011

safer and about the same price now on amazon to buy the 250gb xbox 360 slim

2. ripped by hottestdealever on ebay - October 4, 2011

over 400 people have been ripped off by hottestdealever

3. david jackson - January 13, 2012

dont order from same issue the hard drive sucks

4. never-ripped-again - December 5, 2012

don’t order from it was my biggest mistake ever

5. Rico - May 30, 2019

I think I might also have gotten one of these fraudulent drives. I bought it online over a year ago and it worked perfectly fine storing all my save professor, I also downloaded 2 Xbox 360 Games and it worked perfectly fine too. But as soon as I tried to play an Original Xbox Game (which I downloaded from Xbox Live) it constantly prompted me to download the game again…

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