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inFamous 2 Beta Codes Being E-mailed April 19, 2011

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If you’re one of the individuals who signed up for the inFamous 2 beta you’ll find out if you’re either very much in luck or not at all, as it seems that the e-mails are being sent out with beta codes as I type this down.

The beta is for the mission editor system, which allows people to create their own missions.  Just how in depth this goes is not quite understood by me, but after I give it a whirl I’ll be sure to post up my thoughts about it.

The beta will run between today and the 6th of May.

inFamous 2 is coming this June exclusive to the Playstation 3.


Gears of War 3 Beta Footage and Comments April 19, 2011

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Hey, at gameXcess we’ve been playing a lot of the Gears of War 3 Beta.  For those of you who don’t have access to it yet, here’s just some preliminary gameplay footage I’ve been able to upload so far.

Here’s a little quick peek at some of the menu screens, showing statistics and what the game considers important for medals, ribbons, and chararacter unlocks.  Now please be aware that unlockables between the beta and the retail game are different, but I don’t think that awards and medals will be changed.

And here’s footage of the first game I played.  Please be aware that I SUCK at my first game.  The reason is becuase I was at first playing a different game than the seasoned reviewers were.  I had thought that the stop and pop gameplay of Gears of War would be enough to defeat your enemies.  I was wrong.  The only way to really get a surefire kill under any circumstances in this beta is to get up close and personal for a one hit kill, with something like a sawed-off shotgun or a instant kill impalement.  (And for the life of me I could not get the chainsaw to work but I’ve always had the problem).  By mid-round I switch to a shotgun and my tactics improve, and my team wins the game.

More footage will probably be coming later.

Gears of War 3 is coming September 2011 exclusive to the Xbox 360.  If you have a copy of Bulletstorm Epic Edition, pop it in and enjoy the beta!

Gears of War 3 Beta Now Active April 18, 2011

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It’s April 18th and that means that the Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Test has gone active for this first week.

Want to get in on this beta?  Here’s how.

You’ll need a copy of the Bulletstorm Epic Edition.

The beta will go active for those who preorder Gears of War 3 on the 25th of this month, one week from now.  Those who play in the beta this week will get access to the exclusive Flaming Hammerburst Weapon for the final version of Gears of War 3.

You can be sure that more Gears of War 3 beta footage will be coming from!

Gears of War 3 is coming September, 2011 exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Halo Waypoint Update Coming Tomorrow April 14, 2011

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A highly anticipated functionality update is coming to Halo Waypoint tomorrow.  The be-all and end all free Xbox 360 program to integrate all the achievements across all Xbox 360 Halo games and their DLC, is becoming a lot more functional come Friday.

You’ll soon be able to check out your multiplayer statistics in Halo Reach, similar to how you’re able to look them up on and compare them.  They’re also promising that the release will also coincide with the release of The Mona Lisa animated feature, which was based off the story from the Halo Evolutions book.

This update can also be expected to come to the mobile program as well.

I for one, love the Halo Waypoint, but I think that the initial novelty of the program has worn off, given the fact that I’ve pretty much gotten every single achievement I could possibly get in Halo games at this point (Halo Reach’s DLC notwithstanding) and since I made it past rank 50 already and got the EVA Helmet awarded, there’s really been no incentive to go back and get those extra levels without a major reward dangled in front of me.  Hopefully something will be added in this update that will be an incentive to leveling up.

On a side note, Xbox has a rewards program that they’re testing, and I saw a promotion on it for spending at least 200 Microsoft Points you get a free Banshee avatar item.  I spent those points last night to buy the new Halo Reach Map Pack, but the site doesn’t say how I’m going to unlock the Banshee.  The site also states that they’ll give you 400 points for spending 800 on the Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack (the new one).  I’m pretty sure you have to be a rewards member to get access to these deals, but I encourage you to check the site for yourselves, log into your Live Profile and see if you get in.

The Anniversary of First Man in Space April 13, 2011

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Tuesday was the 50th anniversary of a pivotal moment of the human race. The first man was put into outer space, and he was a Russian. Yuri Gragarin is forever immortalized with biographies, statues to his credit (which still stood following the fall of Communism) and the famous words, “The Earth Was Blue, But there was no God.” which probably weren’t even said by him.

He’s no longer alive, but I probably wouldn’t be typing on this website had it not been for his trip. The US would never have committed to a moon landing had the Russians not goaded us into it, and because of that, all the technological advances that have come were all based on the work done by NASA.

His legacy has even been immortalized in video game form.

Raise your glasses of Vodka (or in my case, Bawls), everyone. It’s been a wild ride and he is just one of many to thank for it.

Portal 2 Investment Opportunity Video 4 April 12, 2011

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The fourth (and probably final) Portal 2 Investment Opportunity trailer has hit the web.  This one is detailing the newest technology in footwear.

In the original Portal game, the protagonist walked around barefoot with these stylish walking prosthetics attached to her leg, which I immediately took as some new futuristic form of high-heeled shoe.  It turns out, that this is why in the game you can fall incredible distances and not have your legs rip off your body.  The shape was strikingly similar to the prosthetics worn by Special Olympics runners who have lost their legs (I believe they were modeled after the legs of bipedal animals).

Well, now they’re adding a boot to it!  You can check it out here.

Portal 2 is releasing April 21st, 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Behind The Scenes Video April 12, 2011

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Epic Games has released a new behind the scenes video for Gears of War 3, detailing the trials and tribulations of the push to release the Gears of War 3 beta.

The beta is expected to go live on the 18th of April for Bulletstorm: Epic Edition owners.  It should be released a week later to those who pre-order the game.  Xbox Live Gold required for beta participation.

Gears of War 3 is coming September, 2011 exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1 Released April 12, 2011

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The first episode of a multi-part live action Mortal Kombat series has been officially released through

This is the series that was promised after the highly successful Mortal Kombat: Rebirth viral video hit the web last year.  Although that original video has since been taken down, this new one has been done by the same production people and stars many of the same actors.

The series has been released by a division of Warner Bros and starrs Jeri Ryan and Michael Jai White.

Mortal Kombat (The New Game) will release April 21st, 2011 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Portal 2 Comic Part 2 Released April 11, 2011

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The second and final part of the comic that bridges the gap between Portal and Portal 2 has been released on

Portal 2: Lab Rat continues the story of Portal, introducing readers to a new character, and opening possibilities to what their impact will be on the new game.

You can read Part 2 here.  If you missed Part 1, it’s here.

Portal 2 is coming April 21st, 2011 to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Back to the Future The Game Part 1 Free April 11, 2011

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Telltelle Games has pulled a big bit of generousity and made the first episode of the Back to the Future Game series free to download for all PC and Mac users.  To obtain the game for free, simply just visit the Telltale Games website and create a Telltale Games account or log into your existing one.

The deal is good for the PC or Mac version of the game.  Telltale Games has promised a total of five episodes.  Of those five, currently three have been released on PC and Mac, and they will be arriving on console pretty soon.

Interested in playing any more of the game?  Here’s a preview for Part 3, the most recent episode.  Part 4 is expected to arrive this month for PC and Mac.  Part 5 currently has no release date.