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What Happened to Pre-Order Cards? September 29, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

I picked up Dead Rising 2’s Zombrex Edition the other day and recieved it along with my pre-order incentive code and noticed for the second time what could be a distrubing trend.  The code was given to me on my reciept.  This is the second time this month I noticed this.  The first was when I got my GameStop Multi-Threat Armor when I picked up Halo Reach.

Normally when I preorder a game, if there is any preorder DLC included, usually you’re given along with your game a glossy index card with a scratch off code on it.  The card usually contains art from the game (or from the DLC itself) and instructions on how to redeem the code.

Does this mean the death of the Pre-Order card?  There are several good reasons why the cards should be discontinued.  They use extra paper which could be saved by just including them on a reciept.  They also ensure you don’t run out of codes, espessially if they’re tied directly into the Microsoft service so a new code can be generated every time one is requested, just like in a casino with paper money vouchers.

The problem is It’s not like it’s preventing code theft.  A guy online was still selling multi-threat armor codes on EBay for 60 dollars a pop (somehow).  Could he have gotten the codes by hacking the system, or did he just generate a bunch of codes and write them down?  Or was he just a plain fraud and the codes didn’t work?

I have to say I’m not really sad to see these things go.  I mean, I’m sad now but it’ll pass.  I’m glad that it allows some companies to save on some paper, that’s definatly enviromental thinking.


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