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Halo Waypoint Updated for Halo Reach Beta! April 28, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

When I went into the Halo Waypoint tonight to watch the first in a series of Halo Reach live action movies (because they haven’t been uploaded to Xbox Live for download yet) I noticed the waypoint was recently patched. When I checked to see what was new I noticed a new avatar award.

All Halo Reach beta players will be given an exclusive avatar item from the Halo Waypoint just for playing. If you want to play in the Reach beta, buy a copy of Halo ODST, if you’ve already got one, pop in disc one to download the Reach client when it becomes avalible.

Once the beta goes live you should get the item by simply logging into Halo Waypoint after playing some. If you haven’t downloaded the Halo Waypoint and you’re a Halo fan, get to it and greatly enhance your Halo experience!

Halo Reach’s beta will go live May 3rd, 2010 for all owners of Halo ODST with an Xbox Live Gold account (naturally since the Beta is MP only).



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