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Splinter Cell Conviction Coming Tuesday, CE Reduced Price April 11, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Game News, Site Videos.
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I’ve posted before about my passing interest in Splinter Cell Conviction.  I have played this game since it’s inital release on the PC, after I got back from my year spent in California it was one of the first games I picked up.  I also picked up Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory on their respective launch days, but when Double Agent came out, I started losing my interest in the series as a whole given the major changes to it.  It looks like those changes are going even further with this next game, as they’re extending to major gameplay alterations (IE, the killing is now open season, opposed to being bad).

I picked up a preorder of the Collector’s Edition on a whim, hoping to just get it to get a decent CE.  Splinter Cell has done Collector’s Editions since Chaos Theory, that being cross platform (every platform had it’s own CE) and Double Agent being 360 exclusive (they were trying to get people to buy 360s at the time).  I really liked the Chaos Theory CE if just for the tin box, the extra Splinter Cell 1 levels for PC, and the Mega 64 Videos (“H2 No!  H2 No!”), but the Double Agent CE, at it’s 70 dollar price seemed like a lot of fluff pieces, it’s only rewarding feature being the interview with the actual american splinter cell.

Well it turns out that the Conviction CE has gotten a pre-release price drop to 70 dollars US due to the usb’s sticks having a high level of failure.  Since I already have my five dollars down paying 65 doesn’t sound as bad.  I’m suprised that they bothered to lower the price, it’s not like defective CE’s have stopped publishers before.  I remember the DVDs in Chaos Theory being defective without their SC1 levels (although they later made the levels downloadable to anyone who filed a tech support issue), and I can remember the Big Daddies in Bioshock’s CE being cracked and damaged, but those were replaced free of charge (and anyone with a broken Big Daddy got a free artbook, lucky bastards).

Until Tuesday, you Splinter Cell fans can just salivate over this, a training video for perspective splinter cells.  Enjoy.