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Editorial: Have the Extreme Ghostbusters Solved Alan Wake’s Problem Before? April 28, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

For those of you who haven’t taken a look at the Alan Wake X10 Trailer, please do so before reading the rest of this article.

Did you catch the post script to that?  Alan Wake was writing something beyond his control.  I did, and then I realized I had seen something like that before, and then I remembered where.  When I was growing up I loved the Ghostbusters (naturally, they were awesome on all levels).  In 1997, when I was in middle school, a new series based around Generation X was released on weekday mornings.  With the ghostbusters now middle aged and only Egon still living in the firehouse, when the ghosts returned and him no longer able to fight, four of his community college students, each with their own specialty took up the new proton packs to fight a newer stronger generation of ghosts.  They called themselves the Extreme Ghostbusters.

The ghostbusters have been known to fight anything, gods, demons, posessions, all in the name of a day’s work, but one episode of Extreme Ghostbusters touched on a myth that I think is the same myth that Alan Wake is evoking.  Demons were terrorising New Jersey, taking human hostages, and they looked very similar to a popular series of books.  One of the Extreme Ghostbusters was a fan of the books and recognised them and they discovered the writer, paticularly one based off of RL Stine, was bringing these creatures to life through his writing.  He was compelled beyond free will to type down his stories, and with it, everything he wrote was coming true.

The trick was that it had to be written for it to happen.  At one point, to save a fellow ghostbuster, one of the ghostbusters was able to mess around with the typewriter as something was happening, turning a weapon that the demon was holding into a banana, which meant that no matter how crazy whatever was typed, it would happen.

In the end, the Extreme Ghostbusters triumphed by destroying the typewriter that the writer was using to weave the story, breaking the demon’s control over him and destroying everything that had been done.  All in the day’s work of your neighborhood ghostbuster.



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