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Rare/Weird Things I Own – Plasm #0 December 6, 2022

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.

Welcome back to the next video where we highlight some of the weirdest and/or rarest items from my vast collection. I know this may not be video game related, but if events had happened differently it could have been. Comic historians from long ago remember the name Jim Shooter. After leaving Marvel, he started his own studio, Defiant Comics, and attempted to create their own comic universe. However, to get their new properties out there they would be doing some very novel ideas the established publishers never considered.

Defiant’s flagship series would be Warriors of Plasm, and in the case of their Zero issue (Ed Note – it was the 90s, number Zero issues were a huge deal) it was released as a trading card pack. If you collected all the cards and laid them out in a 3X3 binder, it would produce a full comic that laid the foundation for the Plasm universe. Unfortunately, Defiant would not last and most people don’t remember Plasm at all. However, we do, and we have a (nearly) complete Plasm #0 with its official binder. It has been sitting in my closet for twenty years. Now, you can see it for yourself.

Jim Shooter is welcome to reach out to us 24/7 to explain himself.



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