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Mind of Maniac – iiRcade Gold Sells Out, Will More Be Coming? October 29, 2022

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I think we’re breaking news on this one. For arcade-enthusiast gamers who don’t have large homes (or ones who do which have already filled up their space with existing home arcade cabinets) a multicade system, which can host multiple games on one cabinet, is a great deal. I’ve been keeping my eyes on the iiRcade platform for about half a year, as it offers multiple preloaded games in memory, and offer the feature to buy more games online.

Unfortunately, even though iiRcade’s website lists the new Gold Edition of their multicade arcade console as still in preorder, they have been shipping for some time. I’m fact, iiRcade recently announced light gun support is coming to the system. Since that announcement was made, iiRcade Gold Editions have listed on their website as sold out. iiRcade has made no official mention of this, and no arcade enthusiast channel I’ve seen online has mentioned this as well.

I’ve really been interested in iiRcade for some time and hope to be able to get the Dragon’s Lair Gold Edition in the future. So here’s my thoughts about the iiRcade, and my questions about the future of the platform.



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