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Neo-Geo MVSX Unboxing October 4, 2022

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.

We’ve been hard at work replicating a classic 90s arcade experience here at GameXcess.net, and you can’t replicate a 90s arcade without the most iconic arcade cabinet of the time, the Neo-Geo.

Neo-Geo was an arcade and home console platform developed by SNK. By modern standards the Neo-Geo was an arcade console. At arcades, multi-game cabinets were common which offered players the chance to cycle through anywhere from two to six games at any time. Arcade owners who offered Neo-Geo machines could find themselves with the opportunity to easily swap new games without having to replace the entire cabinet. In total, one-hundred forty-three games were offered throughout the platform’s lifespan.

Now, UNICO is offering a bartop-sized Neo-Geo arcade machine preloaded with fifty classic games including Metal Slug, Fatal Fury and Shock Troopers. How does it look?

We filmed this in 4K HDR but due to some issues we encountered while editing we decided to release the edited video in 1080p. Hope you all enjoyed.


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