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Happy Twentieth Anniversary, Halo November 15, 2021

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Since it was released twenty years ago, the Xbox platform has held its own as a staple console throughout video game history. Part of its continuing success has come from its incredible Halo franchise. For Halo alone, We’ve had five main titles with two side spin offs for Xbox consoles, two RTS games, and two twin stick shooters for smartphones, tablets and Windows PC. And that’s just the video games released for homes. There was an incredibly popular Halo game that shipped to arcades across the US in 2018, Halo: Fireteam Raven.

Starting in 2010, Halo branched out into home video starting wirh a series of animated shorts that went direct to video. It was followed up by live-action movies, and will continue with an upcoming television series. If you include print, you can’t forget about the novelizations, starting with The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund. Halo books have seen multiple series and have gone on to conquer The NY Times Bestseller lists on multiple occasions.

Also, Martin O’Donnell can be credited for creating one of the greatest soundtracks in video games history. Don’t believe me, take a listen at this.

And now, on the anniversary of the release of the Xbox, Microsoft has released the multiplayer campaign for the next game in the Halo series, Halo: Infinite, free to play. You can download it for yourselves right now.

Halo: Infinite is coming December 8th, 2021 to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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