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Gaming History You Should Know – The Sharp NES Television July 25, 2021

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Welcome back to Gaming History You Should Know, where we highlight some of the best independently produced content on the history of games. While I always make sure to prioritize space for my big screen TVs and game consoles, other people are not so lucky. Today’s modern SmartTVs work by integrating online services like Netflix and Prime without the need to buy a separate Chromecast or AppleTV. Back in the day, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see televisions with integrated DVD players, or before that you would see combination TVs with VHS players. Most people remember at least one person who had a tv like that, but did you know you could’ve gotten a brand-new TV with a built-in game console as early as the 90s?

One of the first major rare items I can think of when it comes to gaming history was the Sharp Game Television. Not too much is known about its development but these TVs are just iconic, and a reminder of an era when the Nintendo Entertainment System ruled the gaming landscape. It was essentially a 19” television with a built-in NES. In the early 90s, that was all some people needed.

YouTube Channel Nintendrew has created what I believe is the definitive history and analysis of this TV. He also dispels some serious myths I’ve heard about since forever. Give it a watch!


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