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Dragon Quest Day – sackchief’s Iceburg June 29, 2021

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Welcome back to Dragon Quest Day, where we are featuring some of the best independently produced Dragon Quest videos from across the web. Since I started doing my own independent research on the history of Dragon Quest, one channel kept coming up in my search, YouTube Channel sackchief. His YouTube channel has been an invaluable resource on how to get into the Dragon Quest games and I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you.

First up, I want to highlight his definitive ranking of the Dragon Quest games. While I admit taste is subjective, his list provides more than just numerical ranking on an arbitrary standard of quality, he talks about what makes each game great and why you should play it. It’s a fantastic video made by a true fan and you should give it a watch.

Finally, this article would not be complete without a discussion about his Dragon Quest Iceburg video. Over the course of this forty minute video he dissects some of the game’s most famous myths, talks about Easter Eggs, and a lot more. Now, let’s take a closer look at the Dragon Quest Iceburg.

If that wasn’t enough sackchief for you fear not, he’s made a ton of great Dragon Quest videos we just don’t have the space to feature here. I totally recommend his video about which order you should play the Dragon Quest games in or his Top 5 DQ games video. Regardless, you can check out his whole channel and watch all of his videos here.


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