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Japan Travel Tips – Japan’s Trains April 6, 2021

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It’s Tuesday, and what better day to talk about international travel? If you’re unfamiliar with this series, we share with you some of the best independently produced documentaries designed to help international tourists who wish to visit Japan. After surviving 2020, you can be sure I REALLY want to travel, and why not travel to a country that is the birthplace of some of my favorite games of all time? If you’ve been reading all our articles do far you’re briefed on customs, you’ve landed, and you’ve got a hotel to stay at. Now, you need to know how to get around the country. Good news, the best way to get around Japan is by train!

Japan’s trains are unrivaled in their speed, capacity, safety, and punctuality. It is a major point of pride of the modern nation. So how can someone who has no familiarity with Japan’s rail system navigate it? First up, you’re going to need to watch this complete how-to video courtesy of Japan-Guide.com.

So once you’re on a right train, how do you make the best of all the train’s amenities? Here’s YouTube Channel Paulo From Tokyo with his best tips for what to do when you’re on a Japanese train!

So what will you need if you plan to travel by train:

  • Prepaid IC Card
  • Smartphone with GPS application capable of navigating by train installed (Google Maps works fine)
  • Charger for smartphone
  • Food or money for food (on longer trips)

Japan’s trains can also be fun! Don’t believe me? Only In Japan did a feature video on a special limited-time train with a very specific theme. Here’s a look at the Pokémon Train:

Okay so you have a place to stay, some money, and a way to get around. How do you eat? Stay tuned next week everyone because we’re going to be talking about food and lots of it!


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