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Nerdy Yule Logs December 23, 2020

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Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone! Continuing with today’s theme of having a happy non-traditional Holiday Season, we decided to continue sharing another of our merry traditions here on the site. Today, we’re going to be sharing some of our favorite Yule Logs from across the internet.

What is a Yule Log? The tradition of the Yule Log goes back even further than Christmas itself, and denotes a holiday that celebrated the return of the sun during the height of the dark winter season. People would cut down a tree and sit around it as it burned. In the more modern days of television, as not much fresh content was available at the time (production companies and television networks would take Christmas off) someone had the brilliant idea to broadcast a live video feed of a log burning in a fireplace. Since not everyone has a fireplace in their home, it was a quaint novelty for homeowners to have it running in the background as they celebrated the holiday with their friends and family.

Since the wide adoption of HDTV, I’ve noticed a huge resurgence in Yule Logs. The improved picture makes the fireplace seem almost real, and wider aspect ratio gave the opportunity for people to be more creative with their set dressing. Now, even the nerdiest people in the world are creating Yule Logs, and we’re going to show you some of our favorites from across the web. We will include the technical specs on each one when applicable.

First up we’re going to feature our own official Nerdy Yule Log. Filmed in 1080p it runs for about a twenty minutes and features a fireplace with a bunch of presents any nerd would hope for at the time. Perhaps we should do a new one in the future.

Next up I want to highlight something that Nintendo produced last year that I absolutely loved. A person playing Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo Switch Lite in a log cabin. It was filmed in 1080p and runs 30 minutes. Technically it’s not a Yule log, but we’ll allow it.

Next I want to talk about one of the more destructive Yule Logs. This next one, produced by the Angry Video Game Nerd, features him burning some of the awful games he’s reviewed over the years. It is in 1080p, includes classic 8-bit chip tune music and runs for an hour.

What do you say we feature an animated Yule Log next? In 2018, the world had recaught Spider-Man fever after the tremendous success of the PS4 game, and the film Venom was able to capitalize on it. To celebrate the film’s home video release, Sony produced this animated Venom Yule Log and put it online. In it, we watch a cute animated Venom enjoy the holiday in front of his fireplace. This Yule Log is entirely animated and goes for ten hours.

Next one may not be gaming related but anyone who was a gamer in the 90s will undoubtably remember the show Mystery Science Theater 3000. A man is trapped up in space and is forced to watch some of the worst movies ever made with only some robots to keep him company. In this official Yule Log produced by the show creators, they watch a Yule log burn and relive some of the best content from over the show’s history. It is an hour long.

Finally, who wouldn’t want to have Christmas on the TARDIS? Of course I’m talking about a Doctor Who Yule Log! This video, produced officially by the BBC, is of a Yule Log burning in the TARDIS and runs for two hours. Since there hasn’t been a Christmas Special in the past few years, I’m assuming the Doctor has been spending the past few Christmases celebrating at home with friends.

No matter what you celebrate, Happy Holidays!


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