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Niantic Confirms Pokemon Go Will Not Support iOS14 at Launch (Updating) September 15, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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UPDATE2: Niantic has made an announcement that the very recently released Pokémon Go update is compatible with iOS14. That means players can update their devices when it goes live later today.

I wanted to give everyone here a big heads up. If you are a Apple owner who plays Pokémon Go, DO NOT INSTALL iOS 14 WHEN IT LAUNCHES TOMORROW!

This was a known issue since the iOS 14 beta launched back in June. Apparently Niantic hasn’t had enough time to make their app compatible with the new OS now that is is coming out of the testing phase. They said a new version of the app is coming that will support iOS 14, but it will not be ready when the OS launches. We will update this article when a compatible version of Pokémon Go is released.

UPDATE1: The App Store has very quickly released a new version of Pokémon Go. The internal app information confirms the new app is version 187, the same version Niantic said would be iOS 14 compatible. However at this time I cannot rescind this recommendation since Niantic has not yet officially commented on this event. It is VERY likely Apple fast tracked the app’s release after Niantic posted their warning on Twitter but I can’t confirm that.

If either Niantic publishes an official statement saying its “all good” or I can personally confirm Pokémon Go works on iOS 14 tomorrow I will post an “all clear” update”. However I do not yet recommend upgrading to iOS 14 yet.

UPDATE2: Beta testers of iOS14 are claiming the app works now. I personally cannot confirm compatibility as of yet and Niantic has not made an official announcement but things look promising. More updates to come.

Apple September 15th Event Has Begun September 15, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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We are running a little behind today but we wanted to remind you guys that Apple is revealing their new line of products today. That includes a preview of new hardware including a new iPad Air. If you want to watch it, you can check out the live broadcast below.