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The Birth of Modern Isekai – Dot Hack Tribute Day August 6, 2020

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Welcome back to our .hack// Tribute Day, where we’re highlighting some of the best fan produced .hack// content from across the web (and including some of our own original content) to spread the love of this franchise around the Internet.

I have to admit, I’m not much of an Otaku. I have Otaku friends who have shared their love of various shows and films with me over the years, but I am totally out of my scope when it comes to discussing anime on its own merits, or comparing it to other anime. That is where Glass Reflection comes in

Glass Reflection is an anime-focused YouTube Channel that dissects and reviews various anime, and provides background and analysis. They’re a fantastic resource I recommend checking out. You see, .hack// was the start of something that’s practically become an entire sub-genre in today’s manga/anime landscape, Isekai. Nowadays, tons of anime transplant their protagonist inside of a world other than our own, but back when the original .hack// was released, that wasn’t the case. Give a watch to this video which should explain everything a lot better than I can.

Hope you’re still enjoying our .hack// tribute day. We have a bunch of more creators to highlight today as well as one personal story to go, so stay tuned!



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