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Dot Hack Timeline – Dot Hack Tribute Day August 6, 2020

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We are continuing our look at .hack//, and while our intention is to spread the love about this great franchise, it is also to remind publisher BandaiNamco of the franchise’s devoted fanbase as we highlight some of the best fan produced content from across the web.

.hack// content has been produced throughout the past twenty years and while some of it has not been released outside of Japan there is a wealth of different stories out there that demand to be watched. However, new people can easily be confused as to how each story connects to the others, or where certain events take place during the franchise’s timeline. That’s where this video comes in. Welcome to the work of YouTube Channel ShadowBlazer3000 who produced a definitive .hack// timeline video.

This video may be a little old, so it doesn’t have the best picture quality, but it’s still up to date. Just be aware, while he does break down the plots of each story, he tries not to include any spoilers in his videos. I’ll leave it to you how successful you think he was with that.

We have still barely scratched the surface of all the great content out there. Stay tuned because next we will sharing with you how you can watch some of the original shows for yourselves!



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