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Team Rocket Now Invading Pokemon Go From Balloons July 10, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Prepare for trouble, make it double! Niantic has implemented the new feature they’ve been promoting this past week for Pokémon Go. When we last talked about the game, Team Rocket members had invaded various real-world PokéStops, offering the chance to challenge them to a Pokémon Battle for prizes and Shadow Pokémon. Locations of Team Rocket’s stops were random and changed constantly, but if you didn’t have PokéStops in your area (as many areas do), you would not be able to participate. That has changed this week.

It was only a matter of time before Team Rocket took to the sky. You might notice hot air balloons with big R symbols appearing in Pokémon Go’s play space. Tapping on them will offer you the option for a battle! The battle rules are identical to the rules of a regular battle. In fact, rumors abound that Jessie and James are also appearing in a special Meowth balloon! If you can find it, make sure to send them blasting off again!

With the possibility of our pandemic getting much worse and people being forced to go back into their homes looking more and more likely, this is a badly needed new feature for people who want to participate in this game.

Pokémon Go is out now for Android and iOS smart devices.


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